100+ Free Textures From Shutterstock 1

Searching free textures online with high quality is no easy feat. Many of them are scattered across the web, meaning you’ll spend too much time endlessly searching for the right textures.

100+ Free Textures From Shutterstock 2

To make your texture selection process more straightforward, Shutterstock give you more than 100 free textures that designers can use for a multitude of applications, from social graphics to logo design. This roundup consists of everything from luxurious marble textures to gritty and grungy zine textures.

Textures add visual interest in a design by providing a tactile feel to an otherwise flat graphic. Ranging from subtle and speckled to gritty and destructive, textures are a great way to incorporate visual interest to any piece. Graphic designers typically use textures to add character to solid shapes, photographs, backgrounds, and more.

Linked below are 161 free textures, ranging from paper to linocut. To arrive at your download, simply click on the link below.



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