50+ Free Social Media Elements 1

This “Social Pack” is a pack of over 50 extremely useful tools and assets for your social media marketing and design. This pack of free social media templates, text overlay animations, and social media icons has everything you need to spice up your social media presence.

Social pack includes 7 Instagram story templates with different styles, each one completely customizable in Adobe Premiere Pro. It also includes 6 free animated text overlays for Premiere as well. If that isn’t enough to get you started, we’ve also got 26 different social media icon animations that you can drag and drop into your social posts. There is also a tool-kit with various curated colored backgrounds and Illustrator files.

This FREE Social Pack includes the following:

  • 7 Instagram Story template files for Premiere (.mogrts)
  • 6 Customizable text overlay animations for Premiere (.mogrts)
  • 26 animated social media icons (with alpha channel)
  • 21 curated colored Instagram backgrounds
  • 20 titles for adding quick typography to your designs



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