Free Assets Net - Affinity Publisher Beta Is Now Available For Free 1

After thousands of hours of development time, Affinity Publisher is now available in beta, so you can grab this early version and give it a try.

And that could be a worthwhile exercise if you’re looking for something different in terms of a desktop publishing app, or perhaps an alternative to InDesign, the heavyweight offering from Adobe.

The company observes that there’s still a fair bit of work to do on the product, and it’s very much a beta, so there will be wonky bits, and you can expect bugs and crashes. In other words, don’t use Affinity Publisher for any serious work at this point, or you may end up tearing your hair out.

It’s more a case of getting a feel for the app, and of course letting Serif know about any flaws, and feeding back potential improvements or requested features.

Affinity says:

  • It’s a beta – there will be bugs and areas of the app which are not yet fully polished. We don’t recommend you use it for any important production work at this time.
  • This is the first version. If there are any features you would like adding, let us know. We may not get them in before we release version 1 but as with our other apps you can expect plenty of free updates to come.
  • We will have deep integration with our other apps (check out the persona buttons!) However, we need to push an update to Photo and Designer before this works – we’ll let you know when.
  • Join in the conversation. Any feedback, bug reports or suggestions post on our forum.



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