Cyber Girl 3D Character for Unity 1

This Cyber Girl model is great for a sci-fi game, the quality is very good and it comes with many different skins but you can tweak the textures and create more if you like. The body is separated into a few parts which is super useful if you want to add different material to some parts. It’s rigged so it’s very easy to create animations or you can even use the ones Unity has.

This pack contains skinned FBX (ready for Mecanim) model of Cyber Girl (7 skins). Includes:

  • skinned FBX model;
  • ready humanoid Avatar for Mecanim;
  • also contains HDR pipelines demoscenes (see Setup.txt for setup HDRP);
  • 7 skin variations (red, blue, black, white, metallic, green, – can be mixed);
  • 8K PBR texture atlas (for each skin);
  • Girl mesh – 20248 tris;
  • eye bones\skin added to skeleton;
  • hair mesh.



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