EL Tools Free Maya Plugin by Erik Lehmann 1

Erik Lehmann a Senior Build TD at DNEG (Previously Image Engine, Framestore, MPC & more) has released EL Tool Pack, a free Maya Plugin collection (Python scripts). Like Lehmann’s commercial tools, the pack is intended to streamline common workflow tasks in Maya.

This free Maya plugin toolkit comprises four tools for modelling and UV work, and general housekeeping.

For modelling, EL Nth Edge selects nth edge within a Loop, Ring or Border edge, while EL Distribute distributes overlapping objects based on their bounding boxes.

For UV work, EL Checker Pattern creates a custom checker pattern, for checking whether the UVs of a model are properly unfolded and oriented.

Finally, EL Compact Renamer is designed for renaming multiple objects or groups within a scene, including numeration, prefix, suffix and search-and-replace functions.

EL Tools Free Maya Plugin by Erik Lehmann

This awesome Tookit is available free for Maya 2017-2019 on Windows, Linux and macOS.



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