Free PBR Materials by Nikola Damjanov 2

Nikola Damjanov, lead artist at mobile game developer Nordeus, has released some free PBR materials on his Gumroad store. The materials are provided as sets of 2K texture maps – ambient occlusion, base color, height, normal, opacity, metallic, roughness and specular – and are licensed for commercial use.

Free PBR Materials by Nikola Damjanov 1

Nikola Damjanov joined the Project Substance Alchemist beta early on in the process and helped the development team with the construction of this all-new material authoring and management software. He decided to create 100 materials, in 100 days, in Project Substance Alchemist. This is his story.

These PBR materials are free to download, but if you like the files, you can enter a figure in Damjanov’s Gumroad store to make a ‘thank you’ donation.




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