Cki Vang, a concept artist and ZBrush hard-surface modelling expert, has released a set of 10 free ZBrush 3D alphas for detailing mechs and sci-fi models. This pack includes 10 alphas you can use as subtools, a great way to save time and add detail to your Hard Surface work.

Thanks to Insert MultiMesh, Live boolean and Dynamic Subdivision combined. So you don’t need to increase mesh density to add details.

This free ZBrush 3D alphas Work on different types of mesh, like dynamesh model, decimated meshes and quad meshes, etc. Just take care to have smoothed surface or flatted properly. Once added on your surface, you can change, modify or (even remove it later). You may use this as addition or subtraction subtools to get fast way to add details quickly on ZBrush.

10 Free ZBrush 3D Alphas by Cki Vang 1

The assets are provided in ZBrush’s native .zbp format, and unlike 2D alphas, should give clean results even with lower-density meshes, and come with a video tutorial on how to use them properly on YouTube. The free assets are part of a larger commercial pack of 137 ZBrush 3D alphas, which you can buy from Vang’s Gumroad store.



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