MadView3D - Lightweight and Free 3D Viewer 1

MadView3D is a lightwieght and free 3D viewer which was created using GeeXLab, developed by Geeks3D and is coded in Lua.

MadView3D - Lightweight and Free 3D Viewer 2

MadView3D provides a quick way to preview models without having to wait for your main 3D application to load, or to do so on machines without any DCC software installed. It offers the usual choice of textured or wireframe display modes, plus the option to display the background grid or the model’s bounding box.

There are also a few other nice touches, like the option to set the colour of the background and lights, and to adjust the field of view of the view camera. There is also a built-in checkermap, so you can use it to check UVs.

MadView3D is a nice and free 3D viewer and is available on Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board platforms. MadView3D supports many 3D file formats including popular ones like .3ds, .obj, .fbx, .gltf, and much more.



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