Materialize Image To PBR Converter 1

Materialize is a stand alone tool to create an entire material from a single image or import the textures you have and generate the textures you need. This software is a great PBR converter for use in game engines. It converts a source image sequentially into the texture maps required in a metallic/roughness PBR games workflow, and comes with shader packs for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Previously used in commercial game production

Materialize has been in development for some time – the demo videos on the Bounding Box Software website date back to 2015 – and was originally going to be a commercial product.

This PBR converter works along the same lines as commercial tools like Allegorithmic’s B2M, Rendering Systems’ ShaderMap or Knald Technologies’ Knald, converting source photos to texture maps.

While it isn’t as fully featured as those tools – Voeller says that he uses it “when I want to make something quickly, or … get a quick normal from height” – it has the advantage of being free for commercial work.

Availability and system requirements

Materialize is available for 64-bit Windows only. Materialize is open source under the GNU GPL v3. Voeller has released the source code on GitHub under a GPL licence, partly with the hope that other devs can port this PBR converter to macOS or Linux.




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