Simon Thommes, freelancing 3d artist from Germany, just released SCATTr free blender plugin. It’s a tool for procedural texture placement in Blender.

Disctribute textures randomly across a surface, with controls for scale and rotation

Each SCATTr system distributes up to nine separate texture maps across a surface, making it possible to create randomised effects ranging from motion graphics to fallen leaves.

This Blender plugin works on a grid system, assigning one texture per grid cell, with options to randomise its scale, rotation and placement within the cell.

Textures can be allowed to overlap, or there is a Single Scatter option, which prevents overlap, but speeds up processing time.

SCATTr Free Blender Plugin simon thommes 1
A material that he created to show off what it can do.

System requirements and availability

SCATTr is available for Blender 2.8 under an open-source Creative Commons Attribution licence. It should also work with Blender 2.79, but will need more manual set-up.



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