Teya Conceptor Free Open Beta

Known as Polybrush, this software is a light software for concept art and fast 3d modeling which always on hand. Artist can speed up their work with this simple and powerful tool. Animator and tools developer Arseniy Korablev has released version 3 of concept sculpting tool Polybrush in free open beta, renaming the product Teya Conceptor.

The update overhauls the software’s UI and workflow, providing what Korablev describes as a “simple, handy and modern” user interface. The teaser video also mentions “better tools which are always at hand”, but there doesn’t currently seem to be a more detailed changelog on the product website.

However, the software is currently available in open beta – you can either get it free, or make a voluntary donation – so you can just download it and explore for yourself. Teya Conceptor is available in open beta for Windows only. To get it free, you’ll need to enter a figure of $0 in Arseniy Korablev’s Gumroad store, then follow the instructions in the text file you download.



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